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Transitions often bring stress and uncertainty.
Do you have an emergency and need prayer,
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SATAN'S LIE   You are a sinner because you sometimes sin.

GOD'S TRUTH  You are a saint (one declared righteous by God) who sometimes sins.

SATAN'S LIE   You get your identity from what you have done.

GOD'S TRUTH   You get your identity from what God has done for you.

SATAN'S LIE   You get your identity from what people say about you.

GOD'S TRUTH   You get your identity from what God says about you.

SATAN'S LIE   Your behavior tells you what to believe about yourself.

GOD'S TRUTH   Your belief about yourself determines your behavior.

Adapted from "Resolving Spiritual Conflicts and Cross-Cultural Ministry"
by Dr. Timothy Warner.
For living a pure life
For doing your very best.
For being kind to the poor.
For hearing before judging.
For thinking before speaking.
For harboring clean thoughts.
For being generous to an enemy.
For stopping your ears to gossip.
For standing by your principles.

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The Best Gifts We Can Share, about the Greatest Gift Ever Given
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Reducing Stress During The Holidays

    The Christmas and New Year's Holiday season should be a time of peace, love and joy. As Christians, we should also spend additional time reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas, that of the birth of the Messiah, the real true hope for all mankind.

      However, unrealistic expectations combined with financial limits can cause high levels of stress during this time. Many experts believe that psychological stress suppresses the immune system.  As a result, we are much more likely to become ill during the holidays - and to remain ill for a longer time.    Having experienced and lived through just such trials with the illness of my late mother, (Alzheimer's) and the stress it placed on our family, I can testify that they have a very valid point.

  The primary cause of holiday stress is unrealistic expectations. So, take it easy on yourself and others by accepting that your house, gifts, activities, and food may not be perfect.
      To minimize the stress during holidays, here are some practical stress-busting suggestions that I hope will be helpful as a starting point for a healthier holiday season.

     Instead of blowing your budget, why not please friends and family members with a simple gesture or token from the heart? Holiday cookies and decorations, a poem - even a kind word- are often the most meaningful gifts of all.

   You don't have to attend every party or volunteer at every holiday function. Allow yourself time to relax and you'll get more done overall. Admittedly, this has been the most difficult for me, personally, to put into action. When friends ask for "just a few minutes of your time", it really is difficult to say "no", but each of us should learn this important tool of self preservation. As my pastor has tried to teach me, the jobs were being done before I was born, and they WILL get done, even after I'm gone.

GET AWAY FROM THAT  SCREEN!!!!!Stress_TVHead.jpg (2400 bytes)!!!!!

    There is a strong draw for most of us to want to be "connected"; but if you spend the just the average American's time at a screen of some device, you are robbing yourself and your family of precious time you will never recover. Who cares what some Hollywood actor says? Why allow a mythological character to "steal" your Christmas? Why allow the media to do your thinking for you with alarmist news stories about events that are not in your control?

    Instead, why not open that precious book (the Holy Bible), and reread the Christmas story; and then to put it all in perspective, reread the Easter story to remind yourself of the most precious gift of all. The birth of Jesus, God becoming man, is just the beginning of the story. And if you really want to lift your spirit, keep reading. (If you're like me, I sometimes like to skip a little ahead in a story, and I've read to the back of the book and we win!)

    These are not original ideas. No doubt they were all introduced into my thinking by others, but the point is not who thought of them first. The important thing is that these precepts can help you have a better life year round. Take a hard look at what's really important this holiday season and set your priorities (including getting plenty of rest). That way, you'll make it a more special time for the person whose life you can control the easiest - yourself!

    Here's  praying  that  no  matter  how  you  choose to  spend  your  time  that  you  have  a  blessed, Christ - filled  Christmas,  and  the  best  New  Year ever.      Ron H

Chapel_DailyBread.jpg (8718 bytes) For encouraging daily devotionals check out Our Daily Bread©
Radio Bible Class Founded 1938
Martin R. DeHaan II, President
3000 Kraft Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI
Mailing Address: P O Box 2222, Grand Rapids, MI 49555-0001
Canada: Box 1622, Windsor, ON N9A 6Z7
Click on Cover to visit their website.

Feel free to print this one off for future reference.
Not only will it be easier to read, but you'll also have more time to understand the beauty of these simple exercises
and to remember even better stress relievers from your own experiences.
A Link to a graphics free printer-friendly version is provided at the bottom.
101 Ways To Beat Stress
* Always have a "plan B" * Always make copies of important papers * Anticipate your needs * Ask a friend for a hug * Ask for help with the jobs you dislike * Ask someone to be your "vent *partner" *Avoid negative people * Avoid relying on chemical aids * Avoid tight fitting clothes * Be aware of the decisions you make * Be prepared for rain * Be responsible for your feelings * Become a better listener * Believe in yourself * Break large tasks into bite size portions * Buy yourself a flower *Clean out one closet * Cook a meal and eat it by candlelight * Dance a jig * Develop your sense of humor * Do a brand new thing * Do everything in moderation * Do it today *Don't know all the answers * Don't rely on your memory ...write it down * Exercise every day * Feed the birds * Find support from others * Freely praise other people * Get enough sleep * Get up 15 Minutes earlier * Go to a ball game and scream * Get to work early * Go to a picnic * Have a support network of people, places and things * Have goals for yourself * Hum a jingle * Keep a journal * Know your limitations and let others know them too *Learn a new doodle * Leave work early (with permission) * Learn to meet your own needs * Learn the words to a new song *Learn to whistle a tune * Listen to a symphony * Look at a work of art * Look at challenges differently * Look for the silver lining * Look up at the stars * Maintain your weight * Make duplicate keys * Memorize a *joke * Pay attention to your appearance *Pet a friendly dog/cat * Plant a tree * Play patty cake with a toddler * Practice a monster smile *Practice breathing slowly * Practice grace under pressure *Practice preventative maintenance * Prepare for the morning the night before * Put air freshener in your car * Put safety first * Quit trying to "fix" other people * Read a poem * Read a story curled up in bed * Recognize the importance of unconditional love * Remember that stress is an attitude * Remember you always have options * Repair anything that doesn't work properly * Say hello to a stranger * Say no more often * Say something nice to someone * Schedule play time into every day *Set appointments ahead * Set priorities in your life * Simplify meal times * Smile * Stand up and stretch * Stop a bad habit * Stop saying negative things to yourself  * Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day * Stretch your limits a little each day * Strive for excellence NOT perfection * Take a bubble bath * Take a different, route to work * Take stock of your achievements * Talk less and listen more * Teach a kid to fly a kite * Tell someone to have a good day in Pig Latin * Tickle a baby * Throw a paper airplane * Unclutter your life * Use time wisely * Visualize yourself winning * Walk in the rain * Watch a ballet * Watch a video and eat popcorn  * Work at being cheerful and optimistic * Write a note to a far away friend *

* P.S. Relax, take each day at a time ... you have the rest of your life to live.
You will live it best when you live for Jesus.
Note: This list failed to include our favorite stress beater,
***Sing a song about Jesus, and make it Southern Gospel!!!
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