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Always put God first in your life.

Be a true friend and you will have many friends.

Count and thank God for your many blessings daily.

Discipline yourself. Decide to make your life count.

Edify and encourage others consistently.

Follow great leaders, and then become one.

Give liberally and joyfully of your time, talents and means.

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Invert any negatives thrown your way;
Turn them into positives.

ourney through life one step and one day at a time.

Keep written goals set ahead.
Make specific plans to accomplish them.

ove and forgive everybody, starting with yourself.

Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Never, never, never give up!

Open the door wide when opportunity knocks.

Practice patience. Promote peace.

Quit bad habits by replacing them with good habits.

Read God's Word and other profitable material
every chance you get.

Share the Gospel whenever and wherever possible.

Take time to appreciate everything and everyone
that God has given to you.

Use your God given common sense.

Visualize your dreams and stretch to reach for them

Watch, listen and pray without ceasing.

X-amine your motives on a regular basis.

Yield to the Holy Spirit when He prompts you.

Zoom in on God's real purpose for your life.



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Our God is sufficient, so great His supply,
That in any need we can on Him rely.
It fathoms the ocean and passes the sky,
The bountiful storehouse of God.

He fills our lack of material things,
And lifts our soul upon spiritual wings.
From out of Eternity's tide ceaseless springs,
The bountiful storehouse of God.

With blessings and favor, He guards our way.
No trouble can harm us when on Him we stay,
And rest in the peace that draws free day by day,
The bountiful storehouse of God.

Yes, God is sufficient, His grace does assure.
No matter how needy, how humble or poor,
For all may receive at prayer's full-opened door,
The bountiful storehouse of God.
                                                     - Paul Durham-


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The Beatitudes literally 'CARVED IN STONE'
This 'Old Landmark' is located in the
'Fields of The Wood' near Murphy, NC

NOTE: For a wonderful 'day-trip' during your visit to the
pack a picnic lunch, and drive over to
Fields of The Wood for a truly inspirational and relaxing day in the mountains of beautiful Western North Carolina, home of the world's largest 10 Commandments.

*Fields of The Wood
is located 18 miles west of Murphy, Just off Hwy 294
near Tennessee/North Carolina line (approx. 1 hour west of Bryson City)
Open: Daily year round with no admission charged.
Picnic areas & Bathrooms are available. For Information call: 828-494-7855

In honor and memory of all the close friends, fellow laborers and associates
who are no longer with us, we offer the following verse.
Our prayer is that it will give you the same solace it provides for us.

DEATH IS NOT DEATHAnim_NewLife.jpg (3670 bytes)

"Death is not death if you know the Lord. It is merely a change of place,
a change of state, a transfer from one realm to another.

Death is not death, if it kills no part of us,
except that which has hindered us from the perfect life.

Death is not death, if it raises us in a moment from darkness to light,
from weakness to strength, from sinfulness to holiness.

Death is not death, if it perfects our faith by making it sight
and lets us behold Him in whom we have believed.

Death is not death, if it rids us of doubt and fear,
sickness and disease, of sorrow and sadness.

Death is not death, if it gives us to those we loved and lost,
for whom we lived, whom we long to live with again.

Death is not death,
for Christ has conquered death for Himself, and for those who trust in Him
                                                                                                                    --- Anonymous

The Arrival
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