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Even though Mike isn't technically an original member of The Inspirations,
we believe Mike's 42 years of service to the group (Second only to Martin's tenure),
makes Mike an Original  Inspiration in every sense of the word!


    Nicknamed ~ 'Old Six-Four, Ninety - Four' ~ MIKE is 6'4" tall ~ Mike has been recognized by the SINGING NEWS FAN AWARDS as FAVORITE BASS SINGER six times. He is now recognized as probably the lowest bass singer traveling nationally, but Mike is always quick to point out that his emphasis is on the message and not the messenger. To God be the glory!

    Mike was born to Alfred Carl Holcomb, Jr. and Sarah Piccola Padgett Holcomb, on February 2, 1954, in Pickens County, Georgia, where he lived for his first 18 years. He attended Tate Elementary School grades 1 - 5. The family then moved to Jasper where Mike attended the Jasper Elementary in the 6th grade. The family moved again to a place near Talking Rock where he attended Talking Rock Elementary in the 7th grade. He then attended Pickens County High School from 8th grade through the 12th grade. During his senior year he attended the Pickens Area Vocational Technical School and graduated high school in the spring. Soon after being offered a job with the Inspirations in September, 1972, Mike dropped out of Tech school.

    During a revival service being held at Price Creek Baptist Church, on Wednesday morning, July 22, 1964, Mike was saved. The following Sunday, he was baptized  in Fishers Creek and joined the church.

    Mike's first time to sing was in church at the age of 4,  when he was placed on the piano bench next to his mother so the congregation could see him. His first quartet was the Happy Harmony Quartet -as bass singer- and he sang with them for about 18 months. A new group, called the Deliverance Quartet, was formed, and again Mike sang bass, emceed, set up the PA system, and did the booking. Mr. Earl Wheeler and the Marksmen booked the group for their Labor Day sing in Cumming, Georgia, along with many other groups including the Inspirations, the Kingsmen, and the Hoppers. That afternoon, Mike was asked to come and meet the Inspirations and sing a song with them on their bus. At the end of the day he was asked to come to their office and practice with them. The Inspirations manager, Martin Cook, asked if he would come prepared to travel that weekend with them. That was in 1972, and Mike is still an Inspiration to all who know him.

    On April 25th 1976, Mike married Bavaria Lynn Mitchell of Bryson City, NC. Bavaria's friends call her 'BOO' & you can too. Bavaria is a homemaker, and teacher. Everyone raves about Bavaria's infamous Strawberry Shortcake, especially the many groups and singers who came to the Singing In The Smokies where Bavaria operated the concessions for many years. Just ask Jerry Kirksey of the Singing News magazine!

    Their son Jeremy "Nathan", was born August 10, 1977; and daughter Olivia "Niccole" was born March 27, 1979. Nathan is a star athlete and has played baseball with various semi-pro teams. He is also an teacher.

Mike, Niccole & "Big" Nathan

     Nicolle, also a star athlete, having played volleyball and basketball equally well, graduated from Southwestern Technical Institute and was married to Nathan Pierce in the summer of 2002. Their beautiful wedding was a first for Inspiration Park. On June 24, 2005, they became the proud parent of 'little' Bavaria "Aubrey" Pierce. Sadly Nathan was called home to heaven shortly after her birth.

For more on Nathan's home going,  CLICK HERE.

    In addition to his Bass singing duties with the Inspirations, Mike is also an evangelist, keeps the Inspirations' inventory up to date, and still somehow manages to find time to record his television programs. Mike's weekly 30 minute television broadcast, MY HEART'S DESIRE, is now seen on cable on the WDLB Cable Network in our home county of Swain and has been added to the WDLB cable stations' lineup in the following western North Carolina counties of JACKSON, MACON, HAYWOOD, McDOWELL, AND BUNCOMBE. The program is aired as well on Clayton Christian Cable in JONESBORO, GEORGIA. For full listing, see below.

MIKE'S TESTIMONY IN HIS WORDS: "My life has been consumed with service to the Lord and my family. Our children are grown, and Bavaria and I have dedicated the time that I am not singing with the Inspirations to evangelism. Christ has been the one who has brought all things together, and has kept us with His abundant grace and mercy. The calling He placed upon my life is still very real. It is the reason for the things we do every day."

To inquire about Bro. Mike coming to your church to speak, the Holcombs may be reached at
THE HOLCOMBS, P O Box 2355, Bryson City, NC  28713

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Mike's First
Solo Recording
Mike_CD_06_Hymns.jpg (77070 bytes)
Mike Holcomb's
Brand New CD



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Mike can now be heard on the Internet on Unity Broadcasting
Friday nights, 9 to 9:30PM CST (Central Standard Time).
Real Player ™ required.


Waynesville, NC
Jackson & Macon Counties in NC
CH 7 @ 8:30 AM Sunday

Asheville, North Carolina
CH 10 9AM Sunday & CH 98 9AM Sunday

Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia - UCTV-3
4:30 PM Sunday

Trenton, Georgia
7:30 AM Sunday

Pickens County, Gilmore County
& Cherokee County, Georgia
7AM Sunday - ETC-3

Alive TV (W33-AD)
Lynchburg, Virginia


MIKE'S Preaching schedule is listed on our SCHEDULE PAGE when available.

"Big" Mike Holcomb - 6'4" 94 - Celebrates 40 Years with The Inspirations

     Seems like only yesterday that we first met Mike Holcomb; but as some of our friends at the Singing In The Smokies Labor Day Festival pointed out, that day was over forty years ago. Marlin Shubert, our bass singer at the time, had just told us that he was going to return home to his true love, Susan, and they were going to marry. We understood his reason, but that left us with waiting on God for another young Christian man who would be able to fill his shoes. In those days, long before we ever dreamed of Inspiration Park, or holding our own outdoor sings in the Smokies, we were booked to sing in Cumming, Georgia, at an outdoor, ball-field sing on Labor Day.

    Shortly after we got the sound system set up, the heaven's opened, the rains came, and the sing was moved indoors. We believe that this was God's hand at work to make sure we heard Mike's group, Deliverance, that afternoon. What we heard were some of the lowest notes we had ever heard from a young man. What we saw was a tall, skinny kid who couldn't stand still when he was singing! LOL

    We decided to approach Mike about joining the group. Thankfully, he did, and he's been a true inspiration to everyone. Mike, Congratulations on your 36+ years with The Inspirations and for being honored so many times as the nation's FAVORITE BASS SINGER by the Singing News Fan Awards.

    Your friends, family, fans and fellow Inspirations know you've earned and rightfully deserve these honors.

Ron's Note: Although I rarely place special emphasis on any commendations our members receive,
 we thought the following email about Mike, as God's minister, should be shared.
Bro. Case summed up the man and the ministry I personally know so very well.

Subj: Evangelist -Mike Holcomb    Date: 4/20/07
From: Rev. Ronald B Case    To: Theinspirations

    We recently had Mike Holcomb at our church for a three night revival. I will have to say that it has been years since I have witnessed the power of God any more real as it was those three nights! Bro. Mike had the power of God all over him!! The revival was awesome!!! We had fifteen souls saved (including a preacher, and a deacon)!

    For any pastor looking for a "man of God" to preach a revival, I highly recommend Bro. Mike. As a further note, you may have viewed Bro. Mikes television ministry and come to the conclusion that Br. Mike is a "stationary, unemotional, preacher, but let me assure you, Bro. Mike really comes alive in body, soul , and Spirit, when he gets in the pulpit!!

    One other thing that impressed me about Bro. Mike was the fact that he was so humble. He was not a showboat nor did he act like a celebrity. He is genuine. He and his lovely wife were indeed a blessing.

    Should you have any questions, any pastor can contact me at 423.645.3858 or email me at rbcgbc@aol.com.

Sincerely, Rev. Ronald B. Case, Pastor: Grace Baptist Church, South Pittsburg, Tennessee  


Mike, Bavaria and the Grandkids

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