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Originating in the heart of God; 1964_Insp_BW_small.jpg (1891 bytes)
Developed in the Word and Will of God . . .

   The Inspirations are an enthusiastic, sincere, clean cut group of fundamental conservative Christian gentlemen with a strong desire and an objective to witness to a needful and sinful world through the medium of Gospel Music.


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Ron, Jack, Martin
Archie, Troy

OTY_1stPoster.jpg (21726 bytes)
Our First
'Real' Concert
OTY_2.jpg (28305 bytes)
Our First

"Studio" portrait
OTY_3.jpg (35113 bytes)
No, We didn't really dress up to rehearse, just for B&W Album photos! LOL
From LP # 3


More photos after story

    They sincerely appreciate the many wonderful opportunities God has afforded them to present their gospel ministry to millions by means of TV, records, and personal appearances.

Since their beginning in the Spring of 1964 at Swain County High School in Bryson City, North Carolina, deep in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, The Inspirations have taken their stand for the good and the right and decent principles of living. The Inspirations have not become lax in their strong commitment to set high standards in their personal lives.

The Inspirations sincerity and dedication has blessed them with a great host of prayerful friends and supporters who continually show their love and appreciation for their Smoky Mountain style of Southern Gospel Quartet Singing. Each year, this is attested to by thousands of loyal gospel music lovers who attend the best known family oriented music festival in the world, the "SINGING IN THE SMOKIES" at Inspirations Park during the summer and fall months. 2006 marked the 40th Anniversary of this remarkable event.

Over the past four decades, The Inspirations have collected almost every major Gospel Music Award possible, including a gold plaque commemorating their selling a million records. They have been voted the #1 Gospel Music Quartet several times.

The Inspirations have been honored by civic clubs, fire departments, police departments, and various service organizations. They have been presented the keys to cities, made Kentucky Colonels, Arkansas Travelers, and they have had many special days set aside in their honor. Each member has collected numerous awards individually. One of their favorite awards came from the hometown Little League Baseball team they sponsor.

During the 1980's alone, they charted 60 hit songs, more than any other gospel group. The Inspirations have now recorded a combination of more than 60 LPs (if you are too young to know what LPs were, they were the 12 song Long Play 33 1/3 vinyl discs your parents grew up listening to! LOL) and Compact Discs; plus a number of studio and LIVE videos. These recordings can be found in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Inspirations' recordings have even been found by a missionary in Taiwan and missionaries who have gone into the old Iron Curtain countries have brought stories back of finding their music.

The Inspirations are heard on radio stations around the world. In fact, they received an e-mail from Job Gathemia, a Gospel Music DJ in Nairobi, Kenya, who has been playing the Inspirations in that country since 1978.

They have also appeared on numerous television programs over their 45+ years, and were regular cast members of the historic "Gospel Singing Jubilee" television show which was aired nationally in the United States for many years. In 1999, Bill Gaither collected much of the footage from their performances on the Jubilee which has been edited into a Best of the Jubilee Video, featuring just The Inspirations.

 In 1970, the group then consisting of Archie, Ron, Eddie, Marlin and Martin, were the subject of a seven minute documentary on CBS Television, anchored by current History Channel host, Roger Mudd.

  Perhaps the most remarkable record The Inspirations have attained in their 45+ year history, is that there have been only 16 (sixteen) full-time members of the group since the group first hit the highways of America to sing.

The original INSPIRATIONS QUARTET consisted of Archie Watkins, tenor; Ronnie Hutchins, lead; Jack Laws, baritone, Troy Burns, bass/later lead; and Martin Cook on piano.

Since then, the following men have become part of the Inspirations Family:
Eddie Dietz, lead and baritone; Marlin Shubert, bass, Mike Holcomb, bass; Roger Fortner, all round musician, extraordinaire; Dale Jones, Mr. Steel, Myron Cook, upright bass; Chris Smith, baritone; Melton Campbell, baritone; Matt Dibler, lead; and the most recent additions to the fraternity are Dallas Rogers, Tenor; and David Ragan, Lead.

  From the sequential photos below, you can see that many of the guys have been with the group more than once, and who can say what the future may hold! Jack Campbell probably summed it up best when he penned the terrific song: "THE BEST IS YET TO COME!"

To sum it all up: In their songs, The Inspirations bring to you the eternal message of hope, joy, and the peace of mind and soul that is available through and by the Lord Jesus Christ, a calling for which they are most grateful.

OTY_4.jpg (32622 bytes)
Archie, Ron, Troy
Jack & Martin
OTY_5.jpg (31162 bytes)
Signing with
Mark V
OTY_6.jpg (76052 bytes)
Troy, Eddie Deitz
Archie, Jack & Martin

A Poster from 1969
OTY_9.jpg (34747 bytes)
Eddie, Archie
Ron, Marlin

& Martin
OTY_7BG.jpg (51861 bytes)
A visit with
Dr. Billy Graham
in his home!
OTY_8BT_Bklet.jpg (28404 bytes)
Bob Terrell's
1st Inspirations
Book_WAWT_1_small.gif (6824 bytes)
What A Wonderful Time
The First 35 Years
OTY_10.jpg (34988 bytes)
Troy, Ron
Archie, Martin
Eddie, Marlin & Jack
OTY_11.jpg (37576 bytes)
Make up
your own caption!
OTY_12.jpg (45886 bytes)
Roger, Troy, Mike
Martin, Dale
Archie & Jack
OTY_13.jpg (39126 bytes)
OTY_14.jpg (42000 bytes)
Roger, Mike, Eddie
Jack, Troy
Martin & Archie
OTY_15.jpg (60782 bytes)
Myron, Mike, Troy
Archie, Chris & Martin
OTY_16.jpg (39954 bytes)
OTY_17.jpg (33576 bytes)
OTY_18.jpg (26660 bytes)
Archie, Ron, Myron
Eddie, Martin & Mike

OTY_19.jpg (33126 bytes)
Archie, Eddie,
Myron, Martin
Matt & Mike

OTY_20.jpg (34198 bytes)
Mike, Melton, Matt
Archie, Martin, Myron
OTY_2001.jpg (67755 bytes)
Myron, Jack, Mike
Matt, Melton
Martin & Archie

Jack, David, Melton, Dallas
Mike, Martin, Archie

Myron, Dallas, Martin
David, Melton, Mike

Mike, Melton, Martin
Jodi, David, Myron

Martin, Myron, Luke
Mike, Jon, David
Back Row:              Matt,           Melton                   Luke
Front Row: Myron,                    Martin ,                       Jon
Luke Vaught      
Myron Cook
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