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Song Titles:
Onward To The Goal
Surely I Come Quickly
Godís Already There
Child Of The King
What The Shoutinís All About
Jesus Picked A Rose
Itís Under The Blood
Sweet Beulah Land
Pray For Me
Daniel Prayed


The Inspirations on this CD
Matt, Melton, Luke, Dallas
Myron, Martin & Jon

Godís Word Will Stand

Songs Include:
I Believe 2:26
Itís Not Long Until Forever 3:54
Itís Just About to Begin 3:05
Faithful Friend 4:16
Godís Word Will Stand 3:36
I Wouldnít Take Nothing for My Journey 2:18
Farther Along 3:54
News from Heaven 3:07
Land of Promise 3:20
The Last Song 3:10



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The Inspirations on this CD
Martin, Mike, Jon, Steve, Mark


Songs Include:
He Made a Change
I'll Be a Friend to Jesus
I'll Never Get Over
I've Got that Old Time Religion
Jesus is Coming Soon
Just a Little Talk with Jesus
No Two Ways About It
On Heaven's Bright Shore
Saved Sealed and Going
You Can Still Find Forgiveness

The Inspirations on this CD
Martin, Mike, David, Jon, Jodi


Songs Include:
He Looked Beyond My Fault
Heíll Hold My Hand
Iíll Never Sail Alone
In The Twinkle of an Eye
It Wonít Be Long
Look What Iím Trading For A Mansion
Shoutiní Time In Heaven
So Simple, So Profound
Lord, Stir The Wind

The Inspirations on th
is CD
Martin, Mike, David, Jon, Jodi


Songs Include
My Lord Is Taking Good Care
Something About A Prayer
God Makes No Mistakes
He Got Up
He Made A Way
Why We Came Here
Talk About Dying
Nothing Less Than Grace
I Choose The Lord
Living In The Land Of Canaan

HR 12882


Songs include
I'm Saved
You Still Gotta Kneel At The Cross
The Sunrise Side
Heaven By And By
The More I Think About Heaven
River Of Mercy
I've Never Known A Day
That's Why I Call It Home
When God Dips His Pen of Love
The Redeemed Are Coming Home



Songs Include
The Son Came Down
Thank God I've Made It
Walkin' By Faith
The Potter
Dealing With Gold
Crown Him King
I Know Where He Lives
Stone's Throw Away
Thinking More Of Heaven
Heaven Knows Where I've Been

Archie's Last

Inspirations Recording


Songs Include
I Know What Lies Ahead
He Sought Me Again
The Rose
Another Chance For God To Move
We Are Not Home Yet
How Great It Is
He's Still Settin' My Place
I'm Safe
Come Spring
Amazing Grace

Available as CD

The Inspirations
Things Are Different Now

Songs include:
All Washed Away 2:08
It's The Cross That Carries Me 3:41
That's Just God Doing What He Does 3:25
I'll Have A New Life 2:17
Time Always Changes, God Never Will 3:59
Old Campmeeting Time 2:04
In The Shelter Of His Arms 3:35
My Lord's Been Walking 2:23
Glory To God In The Highest 2:03
It's Different Now 3:22

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I Know

Songs Include
I've Never Gotten Over Getting Saved 
If You Only Knew 
I Know 
I Have Not Forgotten 
Shed For Even Me 
At His Feet 
When I Walk On Streets Of Gold 
Living Like There's No Yesterday
Led By The Master's Hand 
My Best Friend 

 Song Of The Year, Singing News Fan Awards, 2007

Available As CD

From the Smokies

Songs Include
When I Got Saved 
I'm A Winner Either Way  2:51
I'm Not Ashamed  2:52
Heaven's Mine  2:15
Angel Band  3:2
Forwarding Address 2:34
Now I Know  2:18
Not Worth A Dime  3:55
Kept By A Mighty Strong Hand  2:03
'Til The Storm Passes By  2:30


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Songs Include
God Made A Way
In The Shadow
Home A Different Way
Hope Of The Ages
I Cannot Find The Way Alone
God Is Still Good
I've Got Something Better
Weapon Of Prayer
In The Twinkle Of An Eye
What A Day

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The Journey Ahead

Songs Include
I'm Looking To Live
The Holy Hills of Heaven
Give The World A Smile
He Knows You By Heart
Someone To Care
I Will Praise Him
They're Holding Up The Ladder
The Wonder Of Wonders
He Changed It All

The Journey Ahead Voted
'Favorite Album'
Singing News Fan Awards, 2004

Presented at the
2004 National Quartet Convention
Louisville, Kentucky

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Southern Gospel Treasury Series

  15 of our top songs  
from Canaan Records

Songs Include

When I Wake Up To Sleep No More
Swing Wide The Gates           Touring That City
The Fa Sol La Song                I'm Taking A Flight
It's Still The Blood                   The First Look
Is That Footsteps I Hear          Jesus Is Mine            
The First Million Years             I Won't Have To Worry Any More
Golden Street Parade              Thank God I've Made It
When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan
I've Got More To Go To Heaven For

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    Some of the recordings listed below are available as CDs and CASSETTES
    Some are also available as Cassette Soundtracks (where indicated/in limited supply)
    NOTE: All Cassette Soundtracks contain exactly the same 10 songs (MUSIC ONLY)
    as the original recording unless otherwise indicated


Available As Cassette
or 10 song Cassette Soundtrack

Sunday's Coming
CD is Out Of Print
Available as Cassette Only
Songs include:
America's Only Hope Is The Lord
I've Found A Hiding Place
Jesus Is Hope
(When There Is No Hope)
When They Ring The Golden Bells
Jesus Knows
What You're Going Through
Sunday's Coming
I Get Happy
Spirit Filled Choir
A Basket Lunch
Jesus Was Reaching For Me


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Copyright Issues and SGM Recordings

    We have recently become aware that some sellers (especially at flea-markets, as well as on some of the auction websites) are making and selling "bootleg" (read illegal) copies of SGM recordings from many groups.
We (the SGM groups) all know the products are illegal because either we, or our record companies, maintain sales records for products legitimately ordered by reputable resellers.

    The sellers offering the bootlegs have not bought any product from any of us, and in the case of  "in-house" recordings" (works released by the individual artists on private labels) there is no other place they can legally be bought. Some have even gone so far as to release earlier LPs on CD, using original LP Cover art. Often, these illegal, inferior copies are listed on E-Bay, Amazon & other sales websites. Please DO NOT purchase these!!!

    These products are of inferior quality, and they do not reproduce the original sound found on those recordings. Often, there are "scratch" noises as well. In the Inspirations' case, one of the current crop of illegal CDs is our fourth recording; 'What A Wonderful Time' released in 1967. This recording has never been legitimately available on CD.

    We know who some of the individuals responsible for these illegal
 products are, and many groups are now comparing notes on those we
 discover to be responsible. These crooks (and they are crooks!) are
 sophisticated enough to be approximating the actual covers, phony barcodes
 and even the printing on the CD discs. Modern computer duplication software
 and hardware make it almost child's play to do this type of reproduction, but
 it does not make it legal or ethical.

     Federal law prohibits copying of any copyrighted work, and the penalties
 are stiff. Copyrighted works include all intellectual property (a fancy term for
 recordings, videos, sheet music, songbooks, books, etc., that were not
 produced at least a  specific number of years ago. For example; there are a
 lot of early Blackwood Brothers, Statesmen, Speer Family, LeFevres, Oak
 Ridge Quartet, etc. recordings that are still copyright protected even though
 the actual groups are no longer traveling.

    To simplify the actual code, "If you don't own it, you may not copy it, even for uses that may seem noble
(" just helping out a friend", "just a few copies for our choir to sing", etc")

NOTE: Many, but not all, hymns in Church Hymnals may now be public domain, and if that is the case,
that info normally will be noted somewhere on the page. Public domain songs may be copied,
unless the work is an arrangement that is under copyright.

     Another often overlooked consideration is that if the groups are not receiving the benefit of their work, payrolls
 become more difficult to meet, songwriters get no deserved royalties, and the effect moves through each
 person/company involved. Please be aware of this when buying your favorite group/singer's music.

You can make a difference!

By ordering directly from the actual groups, you are helping them to continue traveling;
you will know for sure the recording is legitimate and of good quality,
and we all sincerely thank you for your understanding and support.


The Story of 'Will Jimmy Make It Home?' By the Songwriter, Frances Simpson

   A few years ago, at our church youth camp, it was not the normal whisper and giggle sounds that we heard during the evening service. Reverend Stanley Jones, from Branson, Missouri, was bringing a message about the life of the great evangelist, Reverend Billy Sunday.
    He told how Billy and his friend, whom we'll call 'Jimmy', played professional baseball. They often drank and partied together between games and walked wherever sin led them, until one day Billy Sunday gave his heart to the Lord. He began preaching the gospel, and he begged his friend, 'Jimmy', to do the same; but Jimmy was "too busy".
Jimmy said "I want to live for God someday, and I will when I'm older, but not now." Sadly, he continued to live out his life, but that day never came.
    After 'Jimmy' had become an old man, he became very ill, and was taken to a hospital; and as he lay in that room and remembered his old friend, Billy, he finally called for him to come and show him how to be saved.
    Billy rushed to the hospital, but as he hurried up the corridor toward 'Jimmy's' room, the Doctor pronounced 'Jimmy' dead.
    Brother Jones painted a vivid picture with his words of how the "Great Umpire of the Universe" leaned down over the plate and saw 'Jimmy' slide toward home. He called 'Jimmy' OUT!
    Jimmy was too late; he had waited too long. . .
    The teens in that camp service sat as quiet as a mouse, and when the invitation was given, the altar filled.
    I carried this scene home with me in my heart and knew that I must get this sermon into a song. As I sat at my piano, with tears streaming down my face, I anticipated the impact this story might have on lives being changed now. God wrote the song, and I have not been disappointed. Whether the song has been sung at youth camps, senior adult retreats, or Sunday church services, the response has always been the same. People listen and really hear the story, and hearts and lives are touched.
    I am delighted that The Inspirations are telling this story across the country, and I'm thrilled that both children and adults are realizing that truly "Today is the day of salvation."

Like the last line of the song says:
"Today your name is 'Jimmy'; will 'Jimmy' make it home?"

Song and Story written by
Frances Simpson

Song Copyright: 2000Chestnut Mound Music, BMI
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used by permission.
Administered by Cal IV Entertainment, Inc.


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