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    Through the pages of "What A Wonderful Time - The Story of The Inspirations ~ How Four Students and Their Teacher Stormed the Heights of Gospel Music", comes an up-close, behind the scenes story of one of the most successful groups of any American musical genre.

    The book was released November 3, 1999, and was published by Alexander Books of Alexander, NC.

     Bob Terrell, a veteran Gospel Music journalist, who has nearly 50 books and hundreds of Singing News articles to his credit, is the book's author. Tim Gardner, an Associate Features Editor, was the Research Assistant for the book. He also put together the many photographs it will contain, gave the book it's name and wrote the foreword.

     Never before and never since has a Gospel quartet climbed to the pinnacle of the Gospel Music World and maintained such remarkable consistency as The Inspirations have. These men have been role models to thousands of people, both young and old, and are known for their genuineness and unyielding dedication to God. Titled for their first hit song, "What a Wonderful Time", the book will not only chronicle the facts about The Inspirations, but their thoughts, dreams and faith. It contains information that has never before appeared in print, and is the most comprehensive story ever written about them.

Subj: Book Review of "What A Wonderful Time"
Date: 11/23/99 1:00:41 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Helen Hice
To: The Inspirations

    When I started reading I thought I knew a lot about the Inspirations. Now, I am happier than ever to know them.
    In this book, I laughed, cried, and relived some of the memories over the years. If I had never known you, I would feel that I did after reading it. I appreciate the happiness you have brought me over the years. It is a very true account of the years that were really a sacrifice by all of you . It also shows how true your calling to sing the gospel is.

    I know there are times when I, as a listener, forget all the hard work it takes to make the programs go off without a hitch and this book brings that home.

    Bob Terrell made your journey for the last 35 years come to life and should make anyone who reads this thank God for the faithfulness & loyalty you all show.                                Love ya, Helen

Ron's Note: Okay, so this one is a little on the prejudiced side. We have known Helen (we call her Granny) since our very first trip to Atlanta. Still we believe you will enjoy the book just as much as she did. Bob Terrell is a fantastic writer, and he really got to the heart of our first 35 years on the road.

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