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Ron Hutchins  The Inspirations 'WebNovice'

    1998 was a time of healing and refreshing for Ron as he recovered from a battle with "hospitalitis!" (11 1/2 weeks) ~We think Wendy Bagwell would have been  proud of that word ~

    Ron has not only fully recovered, thanks to the greatness of God and the prayers of his many friends all over the country, but he has also resumed the business and Inspirations' related activities he was involved in previously.

    He is very active in various duties and ministries at Arlington Baptist Church; keeps his fingernails dirty with yard work (his favorite pastime besides singing), and is also the Webnovice who takes care of this website. On several occasions Ron has returned to the road just to sing again and thank those friends.

   Let me drop the third person and ask that you be especially prayerful for my continued strength and health. I'm now healthy as a horse, eating like a horse, and even getting a spare tire from sitting at this screen.

   I've really missed you folks, and occasionally  I've even been going on the road, (no pay, just fun - we've definitely got to work on that part! LOL); so maybe I'll get to see you in person soon.

    The responses to the Reunion programs at the Singing in The Smokies & Reunion Concerts was phenomenal. We're all looking forward to seeing you at Inspiration Park, for the Singing in the Smokies festivals. If I make it to your city, please come up and tell me what you think of the site, and how we can improve this personal Inspirations link!


   Though not Inspirations related, this is an award that the Lord allowed to be bestowed for our work (The LeFevres) on this recording for Canaan Records.

   Stepping On The Clouds was also a number one song and stayed in the charts for quite some time.

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